Casa Grata Sea Salt Crackers 100 gr
(100 gr)
Dikirim oleh Lemonilo
Casa Grata Sea Salt Crackers 100 gr
Harga Kami: Rp 42.000
Cashback ke Moni Coins Rp 840

Dikirim oleh Lemonilo (Kota Jakarta Barat)

Gratis ongkir s/d Rp 20.000 dengan min.order Rp 150.000 ke seluruh Indonesia untuk produk berlogo Dikirim Lemonilo!

Catatan Dari Pembuat
Taste Home Sea Salt Crackers is made with all natural ingredients to keep you healthy and fit to do your activity. Without any artificial colorings and preservatives, this is a good option for healthy snack. Throw your usual snack and get Taste Home Sea Salt Crackers! 
Keterangan Produk
Ingredients: Cassava flour, cashew nuts, almond nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, sea salt, Coconut Oil, lemon, nutritional yeast, black pepper, garlic
Tentang Pembuat
Casa Grata
Kota jakarta barat, DKI Jakarta
We believe that everybody deserves to enjoy tasty and healthy food without worrying much about the price or certain medical cond...
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